Magna Carda: “Inviting You”

This week the Song of the Day will feature artists performing at KUTX’s Map Jam, taking place Saturday, February 15.

Megz Kelli and Dougie Do first met at St. Edward’s, drawn together as like-minded musicians in a burgeoning hip-hop scene. But when the two first started collaborating, common ground was hard to find. Do was used to the producer role, emailing beats to artists and receiving a finished product in return. Kelli, though, wanted to work directly in the same room as Do, feeding off each others’ creativity in real-time. In the end, Kelli won out, and the duo adopted the name Magna Carda as they worked out their style.

That style–spacy funk and R&B samples anchoring Kelli’s rapid-fire rhymes–has positioned the group as one of Austin’s hottest up-and-coming outfits. A full band fills out Magna Carda’s live sound, which highlights the underpinning classic influences (Kelli’s father comes from a gospel background; Do’s grandfather was a jazz DJ in the Air Force). Magna Carda recently stopped by KUTX’s Studio 1A for a live session, and that’s where today’s song of the day comes from. Local singer Miggy Milla joined the group and provided the nimble hook on “Inviting You” before handing off the mic to Kelli. As she proves on Magna Carda’s new mixtape Van Geaux, Kelli is an absolute star in the making. Catch Magna Carda Saturday, February 15 at the Scoot Inn, starting at 8:45pm.

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