Marmalakes: “Geneva Hall” (Live in Studio 1A)

If you’ve seen any live music in Austin in the past ten years, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of drummer Josh Halpern or singer-guitarist Chase Weinacht, either onstage or in the crowd. Halpern provides percussion for Palo Duro, Shearwater, Hello Wheels, Still Corners, Taft (and probably a dozen other groups) while Weinacht puts time towards solo songwriting and The Hermits, but it’s all on top of the strong bond formed over a decade ago as Marmalakes.

With both members determined in their own right, Marmalakes walks a path between the two extremes of friendship and discipline (not to mention an insatiable hunger for indie folk rock), and when we named them our May 2018 Artist of the Month, it was practically overdue! Marmalakes‘ debut LP Please Don’t Stop came out in May, filled with songs we’ve heard live for years, now provided with some in-studio clarity. Live is still the best way to enjoy Marmalakes, so catch ’em around town whenever you can, starting right now with the Studio 1A rendition of one of their latest and greatest, “Geneva Hall”!

Jack Anderson

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