Matt Holubowski: “The King”

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Matt Holubowski: “The King”

Posted by on Aug 29, 2018

In case you missed Montreal’s Matt Holubowski, this week’s the perfect chance to catch up! Ever since this bilingual singer released his debut album Ogen Old Man in 2014, Holubowski has been luring listeners into his forest of lo-fi folk-enriched sounds, made all-the-more dreamy through its charming imperfections and on-off French-English lyrics.

Holubowski’s second album Solitudes came out two years ago but he’s revisiting the full-length in tandem with its follow-up EP Epilogue by way of a re-release. The deluxe version of Solitudes comes out on Friday before Holubowski embarks on a two-month international tour. Right now though let’s look back with Matt on one of Solitudes’ heavier selections, “The King“.

Jack Anderson