Maude Latour: “Plans”

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Maude Latour: “Plans”

Posted by on Jun 4, 2019

At just nineteen years old, singer Maude Latour is already somewhat of a globetrotter. Her parents’ path of journalism has given her a home in Hong Kong, London and Stockholm, and over the years Latour’s become fluent in Mandarin and Dutch. And though Latour now spends a good chunk of time studying philosophy and political science in New York, she’s been translating her own beliefs into infectious bedroom pop.

With unbridled ambitions (including performing at her own presidential inauguration), there’s not a lot holding Latour back. She’s eager to drop her DIY-fueled EP next month and in that spirit of anticipation, Maude Latour recently shared the record’s lead single, one that’ll put some digital pep in your step, “Plans”!

Jack Anderson