Micah Shalom: “Baltimore Ska”

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Micah Shalom: “Baltimore Ska”

Posted by on Dec 7, 2020

Reggae is one of those genres with a rich history and a whole lot of sub-genres. And though Austin might not be especially renowned as a hub for Caribbean styles, trumpeter Micah Shalom‘s found a comfy home for all of his reggae subsets. Last year Shalom premiered his first release “Peace Rights Love” to critical acclaim and plans on continuing the saga of singles throughout 2021, which’ll ultimately culminate in his debut record.

Just before the weekend Micah Shalom shared a sunny instrumental that, although lacking in lyrics, does a bang-up job of contributing to the ongoing split-personality-portrayal of “Charm City”/”Mobtown” with “Baltimore Ska”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Michael Weintrob

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