Natural Child: “Saturday Night Blues”

For Nashville’s Natural Child, the year 1971 is a permanent state-of-mind. The group has specifically honed in on the druggy country-rock sounds of peak Rolling Stones, and they’re just as prolific. Their debut–fittingly titled 1971–came in 2009, and a steady stream of EPs, singles, and action-packed albums have followed since, including two in 2012. Each record is soaked in low stakes and humor, with a boozy swagger that nonetheless hints at the darker side lurking beneath Nashville’s professional exterior.

On February 25, Natural Child returns with Dancin’ With Wolves, and the trio nods to their hometown with the introduction of a pedal steel guitar to the mix. Still, their rough-and-tumble rock takes the spotlight. “Saturday Night Blues” rambles at a honky tonk pace as the narrator details a lovelorn Saturday night spent alone. The song sets its sights on chooglin’, and through sheer determination (and a fair amount of charm), it hits the sweet spot.

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