Pacha Massive: “Dime”

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Pacha Massive: “Dime”

Posted by on Mar 6, 2020

For Dominican-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ Nova, there aren’t a lot of tastes that are off the menu. For the past decade and a half he’s guided Bronx-based Latin alternative band Pacha Massive through a sprawling set of sounds, incorporating only the prime cuts across indigenous Cuban, Colombian, and Dominican styles, classic Caribbean elements, and contemporary urban genres like house, hip-hop, and even drum ‘n’ bass.

With three LPs already under their belt, Pacha Massive makes it sound awfully easy to hop between sweltering dance tracks and infectiously mellow slow burns, so whether you’re getting a driver’s tan during rush hour or just taking a load off on a waterfront, they provide the perfect soundtrack. Today Pacha Massive redefines what it means to beĀ NormalĀ with their brand new ten-track full-length of the same name, so drop what you’re doing and wipe your weekend playlist clean on one of Normal‘s standouts, “Dime”!

Jack Anderson