Phantastic Ferniture: “Gap Year”

Vocalist-guitarist Julia Jacklin has been enjoying a fruitful solo career for years, but joining forces with her two best friends, she now fronts Sydney trio Phantastic Ferniture. It’s a band name that sounds like it belongs on the marquee of an off-kilter money laundering front, but one listen sheds light on the enthusiasm that makes every track truly phantastic. They’re still building up an audience but really, who needs validation when you just want to pour your soul into your passion project?

Phantastic Ferniture has been infecting listeners with their energy by way of a couple of music videos, and this week you can finally hear their first record. We’re only halfway to Friday (when you can check out Phantastic Ferniture’s self-titled debut) but right now take a moment to step out of the work mindset and loosen up with “Gap Year”.

Jack Anderson

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