Quilt: “Eliot St.”

Photo by Daniel Dorsa

Quilt introduced itself to the wider world with 2014’s Held In Splendor, and it’s something of an underrated gem. The Boston band lives up to its name on that record, crafting a patchwork sound of psych-rock and folk that’s weird but inviting.

Quilt returns with its third album, Plaza, on February 26, and “Eliot St.” is another bold step forward for the band. The music still sounds homespun, but it’s matched with gorgeous strings arranged by Simon Hanes. Singer/guitarist Shane Butler wrote the song both as a love letter to Boston and his mother, whom he lost recently. “Oh I can’t sleep / I’m thinking all too much” is a familiar refrain for this kind of emotional distress, and the music follows suit. It sounds like it’s caught in a dream, endlessly haunting the well-worn streets. Listen to the song below.

–Art Levy

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