Radiation City: “Milky White”

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Radiation City: “Milky White”

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

Photo by Holly Andres

It’s fitting that Lizzy Ellison experiences synesthesia–seeing colors when she hears different tones–because Radiation City’s music is a colorful concoction. Ellison formed the band with her partner Cameron Spies in Portland, Oregon in 2010, and across several albums, Radiation City has zeroed in on a mixture of synth-pop and percussive rock.

But for the band’s third album, Ellison and Spies’ on-again, off-again relationship provided its own spark. Working with producer John Vanderslice, Radiation City poured its emotional energy into Synesthetica. It’s all there in the title: a merging of the synthetic with the real. “Milky White” takes these ideas to heart, alternating between shadow and day-glo exuberance. Download the song below and catch Radiation City live in Studio 1A today at 3:30 p.m. They’re also playing tonight at the Sidewinder.

–Art Levy

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