Sea Wolf: “Kasper”

Alex Brown Church is patient with his own music. The Sea Wolf frontman prefers to work from his home studio because, as he told KUTX’s Jay Trachtenberg last year, “I can spend as much time as I want working on parts, fleshing out arrangements.” In fact, he was his own band for Sea Wolf’s third effort, Old World Romance, which came out in 2012. Church played all the instruments, creating a lush pop record that’s dreamy in places while still maintaining that home-recorded intimacy.

Now Church is out of a recording contract, and he’s actually enjoying the creative freedom. Late last year, he successfully crowdsourced a special stripped-down Sea Wolf album as an homage to his early musical days coming up in the Bay Area scene. This winter has also seen Church undertake an acoustic tour to try out new material and re-imagine some of the older songs, and you can catch him tonight at Lambert’s with his acoustic guitar in tow. Today’s song of the day comes from Sea Wolf’s 2013 Studio 1A live performance, a session that featured Church alongside his touring band. The group fleshed out several songs from Old World Romance including the highlight “Kasper.” The song soars with the full band, but there’s an introspective, even meditative quality swirling around its core.

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