Sip Sip: “Continental Breakfast”

There’s truth-in-advertising when you name your debut EP Party Record. Sip Sip are the self-proclaimed kings of the local party band circuit, pulling members from Mother Falcon, Corduroi, and more into their freewheeling orbit. Party Record sounds like, well, a record collection having a party: hip-hop bumps up to post-rock, punk and jazz quickly become boozy buddies, and everyone’s having a great time because there’s a seventeen-piece band losing their minds onstage. Sip Sip stopped by Studio 1A last year and hipped us to their unique vision. “Continental Breakfast” is proof that fans of Steely Dan and the Rapture can come together in harmony–how great is that? Download the song below, and catch Sip Sip at Map Jam this Saturday, playing at 9 p.m. at the Scoot Inn.

–Art Levy

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