Sudan Archives: “Pay Attention”

KUTX listeners (both avid and amateur) have certainly heard the fiddle funk stylings of Cincinnati-born Brittney Parks – better known as Sudan Archives. At twenty-three, this self-taught vocalist-violinist producer extraordinaire has shifted the topography of mainstream music with her fusion of R&B, electronic production and West African rhythms, most recently with the sophomore EP Sink.

Currently based out of L.A., Sudan Archives just announced she’ll be joining KUTX favorites Brazilian Girls and local room shakers CAPYAC September 26th out in Santa Monica for Twilight on the Pier. Sure, heading out to the West Coast for one show isn’t viable for most KUTXans but let’s cut to the chase. If “Nont For Sale” hasn’t convinced you to dive into Sink and explore the depths of Sudan Archives, you’d better “Pay Attention”.

Jack Anderson

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