Syd Silvair: “Heroine”

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Syd Silvair: “Heroine”

Posted by on May 11, 2020

The moral panic of “Satanic ritual abuse” is well behind us and certainly eclipsed now by the COVID-19 pandemic, so escapism is not surprisingly in high-demand right now. And what’s to stop you from upping the ante from “escapist” to “occultist”? For New York-based singer and certified tarot reader Syd Silvair, absolutely nothing.

Silvair’s daytime divinations definitely fuel her mystical and macabre lyrical character akin to Stevie Nicks, but unlike the White Witch’s idiosyncratic contralto, Syd Silvair’s breathy vocals on vintage-sounding disco art-pop make for a more sanguine sound. Last week Syd Silvair shared her debut EP, Reverie, cast with the same archetypes and mysticism involved in her 9-to-5 across four bold tracks, each inspired by a specific tarot card. You can start interpreting the dreamy four-track with the final draw on Reverie, inspired by the Temperance card, “Heroine”!

Jack Anderson

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