The Bright Light Social Hour: “Infinite Cities” (Live In Studio 1A)

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

As the Bright Light Social Hour built its own studio overlooking Lake Travis, the Austin band also decided to put some hammers to its own identity. Bright Light’s 2010 self-titled debut sounded like it would sound best booming out of a Camaro; it prominently featured fun, muscular, shaggy-haired rock and roll. But as the studio came together, the band members started experimenting. A single question dominated Bright Light’s recording sessions: what would dance music sound like with rock instruments?

This year’s Space Is Still The Place is the answer. The rhythms are electronic-adjacent, but Bright Light keeps their rock and roll instincts. The result is a collection of songs that unite past and future; it’s psychedelic music for a new era. Below, you can download a Studio 1A version of “Infinite Cities,” and catch the Bright Light Social Hour at the Parish tonight and tomorrow night. Doors at 8 p.m. for both shows.

–Art Levy

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