The Fur.: “Short Stay”

It’s less than a week out from SXSW and we’re ready to put some proverbial hair on our chests! Taiwanese trio The Fur. got their start in 2016 and broke out from their stomping grounds early last year for an international tour, earning praise across Europe and the UK. In late 2018 The Fur. dropped their debut studio album, Town, an eight-track featuring far-from-matted performances and well-combed production, all untangled over an indie dream pop spectrum.

Their current tour includes stops in Japan, China, and the US, and The Fur. graces us with their presence for two official shows next week for SXSW! Drift into this Taiwanese dream right now with the introductory track from Town, “Short Stay”!

Jack Anderson

The Fur.’s SXSW Dates

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