Thiago Nassif: “Plástico”

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Thiago Nassif: “Plástico”

Posted by on Jul 2, 2020

The late-’00s/early-’10s multimedia art scene of Rio de Janeiro has stayed largely influential with many contemporary Brazilian musicians, but perhaps most of all for Thiago Nassif. Nassif’s interdisciplinary approach has escalated his already abstract creativity into a synesthetic experience, with original audio collages, sculptures, paintings, and architecture mirroring his complex musical palette.

The spirit of experimentation lives on in Thiago’s latest heady multilingual record, Mente, brushing broad strokes through bossa nova, funk, jazz, rock, and electronic styles over ten tracks. Mente is out tomorrow and to give you a sense of what you’re getting into, enjoy a taste of the wacky brilliance on one of the album’s centerpieces, “Plástico”.

-Jack Anderson

Photo: Nick Duarte

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