Toebow: “Bed In Breakfast”

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Toebow: “Bed In Breakfast”

Posted by on May 30, 2019

If you throw a bunch of animated personalities together in pursuit of psych pop, you’re definitely ending up with something wacky. There’s no exception with Brooklyn five-piece Toebow, whose quirky, upbeat flavors balance out with serious discipline when it comes to show time. Formed in 2013 by veterans of the indie dream-pop group BOBBY, Toebow’s name pays tribute to their first ever song, conceived as a representation of music’s abstract, often contradicting nature. And recently the quintet has taken that idea to heart once again for their debut full-length, Themes, which came out last Friday.

It’s an eight-track whimsical rollercoaster from Toebow that’ll weird you out but make you beg for more, so serve yourself up something extra playful with “Bed In Breakfast”!

Jack Anderson