Tomar and The FCs: “Innocence”

Although Austin’s Tomar Williams has always felt right at home singing lead, he’s only fallen back into the frontman role in recent times. After raking up a road-bound reputation across the Chitlin Circuit with his family band, Williams resigned himself to hip hop production for a few years before returning to his soul singer roots through Tomar and The FCs.

Palpitations of funk, blues, and rock course through the quintet’s debut album Heart Attack, where tight arrangements and electrifying performances earned Tomar and The FCs the title of our January 2017 Artist of the Month. Winter wraps up with exciting news from Tomar and The FCs, who’ve promised even more nostalgic, emotive energy on their upcoming sophomore album Rise Above, due out February 1st. Catch these Studio 1A veterans this Friday and Saturday at C-Boy’s Heart & Soul and again towards the end of the month for the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar but before you do, let The FCs state their case with Rise Above‘s lead single, “Innocence”!

Jack Anderson


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