Warpaint: “So Good”

Two years and a handful of side and solo projects later, L.A.’s Warpaint is back with its third album, Heads Up, maintaining the upward momentum in reception and popularity the group has seen since its debut album release back in 2010. Bassist Erin Lindberg says this time that the group was more open-minded to sounds that would be acceptable for the new album and took their time finding and creating those sounds, collectively flourishing in the patience to find the right notes and parts. Warpaint worked with producer Jake Bercovici (Julian Casablancas and the Voidz), who produced the group’s debut EP nearly a decade ago.

“So Good” is an epitome of this slower, more open process, and it exudes empowered sexiness. The dark guitar riffs and aggressive downbeat is simultaneously augmented and kept in check with the right amount of clean, indie-pop synth. There’s no way you’ll resist moving your hips for the entire six minutes.

“So Good” appears on Heads Up, out now. Warpaint plays Emo’s on Thursday, November 17.

–Taylor Wallace // host, Saturday 2-6 p.m., producer, SoundCheck and Eklektikos

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