White Denim: “Pretty Green”

Photo by Mark Seliger

All this week, the Song of the Day spotlights some of our favorite live sessions from the past year.

White Denim dealt with hype the only way they knew how: by evolving. Blog buzz almost immediately descended on the Austin group when they debuted in 2007, attracted by the band’s inventive mix of punk, funk, and rock. But White Denim didn’t stick around long enough to let the attention curdle. 2011’s D worked in some country and prog textures, and last year’s Corsicana Lemonade was a full-on Southern rawk explosion. If it wasn’t immediately apparent from day one, these guys have the chops and the creative curiosity to keep pushing boundaries.

Some of that boundary-pushing is put to better use in the live setting where White Denim can stretch out and make a unique performance each night. But at the heart of their jams are sturdy, well-crafted songs like the irresistible “Pretty Green.” White Denim stopped by Studio 1A back in April and showed us just how they’ve become one of the best bands in town. Watch a performance and download “Pretty Green” below!

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