Artist of the Month: The Grassy Knoll

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month: The Grassy Knoll

Posted by on May 29, 2015

KUTX Artist of the Month

Every month we turn the spotlight on a new release from a Texas artist with a series of weekly features that give you a sneak peek at the new music and some insight into the artist behind it.


Our June Artist of the Month here at KUTX is Austin’s The Grassy Knoll. Imagine hard funk in a latter day Miles Davis mode, slathered with a swipe of psychedelic rock, and it might give you some idea of the futuristic sound of The Grassy Knoll. Led by Nolan “Bob” Green, the Grassy Knoll have been making music since 1994. Following a difficult period for Green, the reconstituted version of the band released Electric Verdeland Vol. 1 in 2014, their first recording in a dozen years. The Knoll lineup is made up of Living Colour’s Vernon Reid and trumpeter Chris Grady, as well as Adam Sultan, Brad Houser, Laura Scarborough, Jeff Johnston and Jon Dee Graham. Green’s music is almost impossible to define – or to resist.


Artist of the Month features:

*Listen to Nolan Green guest DJ on MyKUTX here.

*Stream the Grassy Knoll’s full Studio1A set below.