Austin Chamber Music Center: Clara & the Phenomena 9.25.19

Studio 1A Sessions

Austin Chamber Music Center: Clara & the Phenomena 9.25.19

Posted by on Sep 27, 2019

Photo courtesy of the Austin Chamber Music Center.

The Austin Chamber Music Center has been dedicated to expanding Central Texans’s knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of classical music since its founding in 1981. Since then, the chamber has grown to become one of the premiere chamber music organizations in the world, hosting their own festival every July and outreach concerts throughout the year.

Cellist Amy Levine and Pianist Michelle Schumann stopped by Studio 1A and gave us a glimpse into the ACMC’s latest show, “Clara & the Phenomena”, ahead of its performance on Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th. Friday is already sold out, so make sure to get your tickets soon!

Listen to the live performance below!

Host: John Aielli

Audio: Cliff Hargrove

Producer: Deidre Gott