Big Thief 9.27.16

Studio 1A Sessions

Big Thief 9.27.16

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016

It’s hard to be angsty and angelic at the same time, but Big Thief manages to execute this perfectly.  Adrianne Lenker’s dreamy vocals compliment the dynamic slacker rock instrumentation to create catchy, but inventive tunes. Their latest album, Masterpiece, takes some bedroom pop flair and soaks it in 90’s grunge and alternative. It’s a soft, delightful album, but also one with a lot of attitude. If you want to relive how you felt in your dorm room after your first college breakup, then look no further. Check out our Studio 1A session with them right here, and Big Thief is playing this weekend at UTOPiAfest, and they are also playing a pre-party for the fest with The Deer at Antone’s tonight!

-Armando Maese

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