Bill Baird 8.17.17

Studio 1A Sessions

Bill Baird 8.17.17

Posted by on Aug 21, 2017

Texan native Bill Baird has been making music for for nearly two decades and has proved himself a bit of a moveable feast. The prolific musician has his finger in just about every pie out there; he is a former member of Sound Team, created experimental music under the moniker {{Sunset}}, and made a name for himself as a film scorer, artist and inventor. After working in experimental art sounds for several years Baird returned to his first love; simple, beautiful music. Since then he has released a handful of albums each with a touch of that artistic flare; Summer is Gone came along with a custom website that would create a unique version of the album for each visitor. His latest releases, two samplers Easy Machines and Baby Blue Abyss, are designed to work as a pair; morning and evening records. True to form the tracks are lovely and delicate; reflective psych-folk that shimmers and charms. Bill Baird brought his unique sonic sensibility to Studio 1A. Check out the full session below!

– Georgina Cook

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