Doug Sahm Tribute @ KUTX 7.29.15

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Doug Sahm Tribute @ KUTX 7.29.15

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015

Child prodigy. Tex-Mex innovator. The one and only Sir Douglas.

Everyone remembers Doug Sahm in their own way but the music will always be there. Fortunately for us, Colin Gilmore, Kullen Fuchs and Harvest Thieves (Cory Reinisch, Dustin Meyer, Coby Tate and Wes Cargal) want to keep Doug Sahm’s music alive!

If you want to hear more of the folks behind the tribute,┬ácheck out Colin Gilmore & Bonnie Whitmore on Wednesday, August 5th at Threadgill’s North Lamar and┬áHarvest Thieves on Thursday, August 6th at Holy Mountain.

You can stream Doug Sahm Tribute right here at KUTX!