Elvis Perkins @ KUTX 05.06.15

Studio 1A Sessions

Elvis Perkins @ KUTX 05.06.15

Posted by on May 12, 2015

Elvis Perkins jumped into the folk-rock scene in 2007 with his deeply reflective album Ash Wednesday, in which he explores the death of his mother in the Sept. 11 attacks. His 2009 album Elvis Perkins in Dearland takes a different direction, with harmonica and organ laden tracks steeped in Americana tradition.

Perkins reemerged from a 6-year hiatus this year with his album I Aubade, which was recorded over a period of two years primarily on four-track tape. Although the release of I Aubade marks him as a more subdued and enigmatic force than his previous work does, Perkins clearly retains his gifts for clever wordplay and incredibly thorough introspection.

Listen to Elvis Perkins’ live performance at Studio 1A here at KUTX!

-Erika Hoelscher