Fröetzel 6.1.16

Studio 1A Sessions

Fröetzel 6.1.16

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016

No truer words were spoken last night than when the lead singer of Fröetzel, Helmut Mannschaft, sang “Welcome to the dance party/Leave your kids at the door”.  It is a good idea to heed this advice, because when Fröetzel performs, dancing is mandatory. This “South Austin German Space Garage Pop Electronic Eurodance rock band” originating out of the Bavarian underground scene has brought their ultra-sensory experience to Studio 1A for all to enjoy. So the next time that you see Klaus, the Fröetzel Pheonix, flying through the Austin sky, make sure you run to the dance floor and get down with these funky masters of techno-electronic grooves.

You can catch Froetzel this Saturday for the Texas German Bier Festival at Sholz Garten. Come enjoy some of the best Texas craft brewers showcase their German style beers and bring home a commemorative glass boot. Prost!

-Will Maxwell