Hot Nut Riveters 3.21.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Hot Nut Riveters 3.21.18

Posted by on Mar 23, 2018

Hot Nut Riveters is an Austin, TX band self-described as “traditional alt-blues-pop folk country-grass”. The lively five-piece stopped by Studio 1A to play a few songs and talk about their new album Torches and Pitchforks: Volume I, which includes a mix of covers and originals.”The whole project of the Hot Nut Riveters is an opportunity to play the music that we love and also to make fun of the things we don’t,” said frontman Guy Forsyth. The band uses a variety of instruments- including ukulele, accordion, and trumpet- to play animated music with themes of anything from politics to love. Don’t miss their release show at The Cactus Cafe on March 24th.

– Gab Soong


****Upcoming Shows****

Cactus Cafe on March 24 [info]