Magic Rockers of Texas 3.2.17

Studio 1A Sessions

Magic Rockers of Texas 3.2.17

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017

Austin is one of those rare places¬†with so much musical talent, that brand new bands often sound like they have been playing together for years. Magic Rockers of Texas is one of those bands. Not surprising since it claims members from Austin indie-rock staples Berkshire Hounds, Rotten Mangoes, and Brown v. Board. Together, Jim Campo, Mcgarrity Stanley, Mike Huff, and Chris Kues churn out some of the most infectious jangly pop-punk ¬†Austin has to offer. They’ve for a party planned for their new EP RUGGED BRAIDS at Cheer Up Charlies on Friday, March 3rd. Enjoy their session from Studio 1A in the player below!


Friday, March 3rd @ Cheer Up Charlies

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