Matthew Squires 8.26.19

Studio 1A Sessions

Matthew Squires 8.26.19

Posted by on Sep 3, 2019

Photo by: Julia Reihs

Austin’s very own psych-pop singer-songwriter Matthew Squires can credit his quirky vocal style and impactful lyrics for the seven critically-acclaimed albums he has released since in 2012. After releasing his last record Tambaleo, he split his time between his hometown of Austin and a Buddhist community in East Texas uncovering the roots of the American consciousness. This resulted in the enigmatic theme of his latest album, Visions of America, exploring American mindfulness and current cultural turmoil.

Squires and his band visited Studio 1A ahead of his album release party at Independence Brewery to give us a glimpse into his mystifying eighth album.


Host: John Aielli

Audio Engineer: Cliff Hargrove

Producer: Deidre Gott