Michigan Rattlers 2.1.17

Studio 1A Sessions

Michigan Rattlers 2.1.17

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017

photo by Shelby Gold

The Michigan Rattlers sound like a front porch jam session. A front porch jam session with two incredibly talented songwriters who’ve honed their music through a lifetime of friendship and adventure. Guitarist Graham Young and bassist Adam Reed first met and started swapping songs at their North Michigan high school before reuniting in Los Angeles after going separate ways for college. That close bond allows the two to write and perform deeply moving songs about people and places they’ve encountered with a shared voice. Just take a listen to “Sweet Diane” and “Strain of Cancer” from their session in Studio 1A for a good example of their unique brand of folk infused Americana, ripe with rich characters and real life stories. Stream their session from KUTX in the player below and keep up with the rest of their U.S. tour at the links provided.

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