Mike and the Moonpies 1.18.18

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Mike and the Moonpies 1.18.18

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018

Mike and the Moonpies self-describe as “blue collar honky tonk heroes from Austin, Texas”. Front man Mike Harmeier stated, “[Country music] is not dead at all, but a lot of people wouldn’t know that.” These heroes are keeping Austin country by creating sincere, nostalgic songs that anyone with a pulse would enjoy. Their song “Beaches of Biloxi”, which tells the story of the band losing money to the casino, is lighthearted yet full of soul. Mike and the Moonpies visited KUTX in anticipation of the release of their new album, Steak Night at the Prairie Rose, which comes out on Feb. 2. They are also hosting a release party on Jan. 27 at Sam’s Town Point which will, in fact, include a steak dinner.

– Gab Soong

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