Night Glitter 06.19.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Night Glitter 06.19.18

Posted by on Jun 21, 2018

Taking the influences from every corner of her life and turning them into a distinct musical style is something Loulou Ghelichkhani (Thievery Corporation) does with ease, all en français. In this iteration, her and partner John Michael Schoep (The Happen-Ins) are putting a slacker rock twist on dream pop. Their inspiration this time? Keeping things quiet enough after the kids’ bedtime, though these fuzzy guitars and Middle Eastern-esque synths are anything but sleepy. Night Glitter stopped by Studio 1A a week before taking their new EP, Hangin’ On A Dream, to The Mohawk on Tuesday, June 26. Get a taste of their set below, just as it was seen by our live Concert Club audience.

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