Sure Sure 10.16.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Sure Sure 10.16.18

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018

Perched on a hill in Highland Park, Sure Sure self-produce all their music in their house-turned-studio  – a myriad of instruments positioned throughout the first floor, with cables snaking up the walls to the recording console upstairs. Based in Los Angeles, the highly collaborative group, composed of Chris Beachy (keyboardist, singer), Charlie Glick (guitarist, singer), Kevin Farzad (drums, percussion) and Michael Coleman (producer, bass, keys), has been releasing independently and systematically over the past couple years.

Their sound is characterized by a glowing warmth, ear-worm melodies, and driving rhythms. Ever since their 2016 single “New Biome” caught fire on Spotify, the band has been garnering a rapidly expanding audience, both online and in real life. Sure Sure’s recordings and infectious live shows have quickly solidified them as one of the most exciting up and coming bands out of LA.

You can capture some of their energy this evening when they play at Barracuda. The show will also feature LA-based Wilderado and tickets are still available here so be sure to check it out! Doors open at 7PM.



Broadcast Credits:
Host: Laurie Gallardo
Producer: Deidre Gott
Broadcast Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Camera: Gabriel C. Pérez, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon
Edit: Gabriel C. Pérez, Salvador Castro