The Boleys 7.2.19

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The Boleys 7.2.19

Posted by on Jul 16, 2019

photo by Michael Minasi

Hailing from Florence, Texas, The Boleys consisting of Ethan, Emma, and Joe Boley are a sibling band with a wide variety of influences ranging from psych-rock to blues and punk. Growing up listening to their parent’s music collections and playing in their high school jazz bands, a trip to SXSW in 2015 gave them the inspiration to start writing and performing together.

Although they still live and work out of their refurbished barn turned studio/rehearsal space in Florence, The Boleys have become a staple of the Austin psych scene. You can listen to their newest album El Toro and catch them on their Texas Invasion tour throughout the rest of July.

Upcoming Shows: 7/26 Hotel Vegas @ 7 p.m. with Modular Sun

Claire Hardwick, KUTX Intern


Host: Taylor Wallace
Audio Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Camera: Julia Reihs, Michael Minasi
Producer: Diedre Gott
Edit: Richie Loria