The Watters 6.27.16

Studio 1A Sessions

The Watters 6.27.16

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016

Daniel and Jenna Watters have been playing music together for a long time, since singing the classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at their high school graduation. After 12 years of playing music together, touring the country, living in Denver and Nashville, the duo have finally landed in Austin to form The Watters. Making their own blend of classic rock n’ soul, they create create rich & timeless songs. With a balance of great songwriting and honey horn arrangements, they make their music nice and groovy.

Be sure to check out their debut album, Great Unknown, which was recorded over at Cacophony Records. Alongside The Halfways and Kev Bev Collins and the Woodland Creatures, the Watters will be releasing the record this Saturday, July 2nd, at Parish (doors at 8pm). For now, enjoy their visit to Studio 1A in the links below.

-Will Maxwell