Thor Harris & Friends 9.7.16

Studio 1A Sessions

Thor Harris & Friends 9.7.16

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

Thor Harris and his cast of musical characters provided a sweet musical offering today in our Studio 1A (recordings below). Thor has acquired a strong reputation as a modern American creative, collaborating with artists ranging from Adam Torres (who was featured on acoustic guitar this morning with Thor’s band) to “the” Amanda Palmer. A multi-instrumentalist and capable band leader, his current palette of instruments includes marimbas, clarinets, strings, theremin, and everything in between.

The group’s debut album Thor and Friends sets the mood with avant-chamber sounds recorded in the dreamy desert world of New Mexico. If Paul Thomas Anderson ever directed a film about tripping in the desert, this would be the score. The record is due to drop September 26 through LM Duplication.

Catch Thor & Friends this coming Saturday for an intimate performance at the Cactus Cafe. This is a group you really have to see live- the feels! Tickets here


– Sam Harrell


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