Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs 9.13.16

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Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs 9.13.16

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

Get your cowboy boots ready, because it’s time for an existential hoedown courtesy of Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs.  At first, their music sounds reminiscent of something you would hear in a saloon that was present in the 1970s, but their songwriting is much deeper than the barfights and cheap beer you would encounter at said bar.  Their songs deal with loss, alcoholism, and depression, but the instrumentation is significantly more uplifting and catchy.  Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs is Americana music done right, especially due to the fact that it manages to keep its grip on reality while still having enough pop sensibilities to get the party started.  Check out our Studio 1A session with them right here, and you can also go to their album release party at The ABGB this Friday, September 16.

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