Wonderbitch 10.23.17

Studio 1A Sessions

Wonderbitch 10.23.17

Posted by on Oct 24, 2017

Austin band Wonderbitch are making alt-rock with a generous helping of old-school disco that is guaranteed to get you on your feet. The quartet released their self-titled debut in 2015; the EP showcased the band’s tight blend of psychedelia, indie-rock and 80’s R&B. The crew have since made a name for themselves around town for their kinetic, dance-til-you-drop live shows, and none of this energy seems to be lost to the studio. Their first full length, Ocean Soft, is due out next month and promises to deliver more of that sweet intergalactic yacht-rock we’ve come to know and love. We were lucky enough to have Wonderbitch in Studio 1A ahead of their show at Kebabalicious. Check out the full session below!

– Georgina Cook

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10/26 @ Kebabalicious (Anniversary Party)

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