XLX 10.18.17

Studio 1A Sessions

XLX 10.18.17

Posted by on Oct 20, 2017

Houston-based multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lawless makes electronic, industrial R&B that can’t be easily pigeonholed. After living in Austin for the past 10 years, Lawless–who studied music at Texas State–returned to Space City to record XLX‘s first release titled DIY.  On his latest EP, due late 2017, he has shifted from more conventional electronic fare to pulsing, glitchy, stripped-down tunes that are influenced by everything from prog rock to post-punk. With fellow musician and producer Jason Williams on drums, XLX has brought together years of music and production experience to make something that truly defies genre. We were lucky enough to host Ryan Lawless in Studio 1A ahead of his show at Sidewinder. Check out the full session below!

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12/16 @ Day for Night

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