KUTX Volunteers Have More Fun

Want to show your love for Austin music and support KUTX at the same time? Join the KUTX volunteer crew!

We’re looking for KUTX super fans to represent us around town and help out in our offices. KUTX volunteers are a community of like-minded music lovers who value Austin’s music scene and want to help keep it thriving. While KUTX is licensed by the University of Texas, we’re a community-supported, grassroots station with a small staff, so we rely on our volunteers to fulfill our mission to promote Austin music. 

What’s in it for you?

Volunteering with KUTX is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the station, meet new people and support the Austin music scene. Whether you’re a native Austinite or new to town, volunteering for KUTX is a great way to get out and experience your city. Plus, it’s fun! From time to time, volunteers are recognized with KUTX goodies, special contest opportunities and an annual party. 

How does it work?

Start by signing up here and be sure to include your email address. Every month, and when surprise opportunities arise, you’ll receive a Volunteer Email. These emails list all of our available upcoming events, with instructions for how to sign up. It’s a “volunteer” gig so you’re not obligated if you’re not able to sign up. (But if you do, we ask that you stick with the plan because we’re depending on you!)                                         

What do volunteers do?

KUTX Volunteers do a lot – and look good doing it! (We’ll make sure you have a KUTX T-shirt to wear.) From putting up banners at concerts, to handing out KUTX bumper stickers at local events, to making thank-you calls during Membership Drives, KUTX volunteers are at the heart of our work to reflect and support the Austin music experience. 

Currently, we have openings for volunteers to conduct tours of the station, assist with the KUTX Concert Club in Studio 1A, and represent KUTX at concerts, festivals, and other cultural events.


Ready to get started? Click here to join KUTX’s Volunteers. If you’d like more information, email volunteer@kutx.org.


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