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The KUTX business model is a little different from our contemporaries. We rely on donations from individuals and businesses in Central Texas to fund our operations.

There are quite a few advantages to this model. We aren’t limited in the music we can play based on what is popular with any commercial interests. We can afford to have deejays who care about the music they play, who know the artists and the history behind genres.

We aren’t beholden to shareholders. And, we can play whatever music we like despite whether it serves a commercial interest.

As part of this business model, we have membership drives a few times a year. We ask for the support of the people who listen to our station to pay for it. Pretty simple.

Since you’re here, we hope you’ll donate. It will pay for the things you value like live music in Studio 1A, the Song of the Day download and our Artist of the Month profile.

$5/month – KUT and KUTX Stainless Steel Straw Kit


$7.50/month – KUTX Tumbler
$10/month – KUTX Music Collage T-Shirt
$15/month – KUTX Live Vol. 13




















Support KUTX’s ability to bring you closer to the music.

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