Share Your Birthday Message with KUTX

KUTX turns ten in 2023, and we’re collecting birthday messages for air. Record your message below and you might hear your voice on the radio! You can share a favorite KUTX memory, a beloved band/artist or song you discovered on KUTX, or simply why KUTX is special to you. If we can use it on the air, we’ll reach out to let you know (and send you an mp3 of the finished product as a keepsake.)

Tips for recording:

  • Record in a quiet room. Rooms with carpet, rugs, or drapes work best. Walk-in closets are also great! Don’t have any of those? All good.
  • Try to use a conversational tone – imagine you’re talking to a good friend over margs.
  • Don’t worry about “messing up” – we can edit! Any “umms” and “you knows” are fine, too – we want you to sound like a human.
  • Aim for one minute, but don’t worry if you go over (again, we’ll edit!)

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