How They Do It

KUTX Volunteer Orientation

Part 3: How They Do It

Over the next two sections, we’ll really dig into the nuts and bolts of volunteering for KUTX! 


Whether you’re hanging banners (Visibility) or chatting up fans (Interactive), you represent KUTX when on the job. Here is some basic etiquette to practice when volunteering for KUTX:

  • Be mindful of other volunteers when picking up shifts
    • If you’ve volunteered in the past month, wait at least 1 hour before claiming a shift. This will give new volunteers a chance to work.
    • Be mindful of the fact that most of our volunteers are here because they’re music fans. If a shift posts for a concert by a band you’ve never heard of, give the fans of that band a chance to volunteer. If a few hours go by and no one’s claimed it, feel free at that point to sign up.
  • Be mindful of your behavior/appearance while representing KUTX
    • If the shift requires that you wear a KUTX t-shirt, please wear it.
      • You’ll receive a KUTX volunteer shirt (free of charge) when you work your first interactive event.
      • Your shirt belongs to you – you may cut it or alter it any way you see fit, so long as the logo is still legible.
      • If you lose or damage your shirt, you may purchase a new shirt through the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator.
    • If you are of legal drinking age with proper ID, you may drink alcohol, responsibly and at your own discretion, while volunteering.
      • Key word: discretion. Keep all beverages and food off of the table/booth.
      • Another key word: responsibly. Do not drink excessively while volunteering (or even after your shift if you’re still wearing your KUTX Volunteer shirt. Whenever you wear that shirt, you represent KUTX.)
    • Please do not smoke or vape while volunteering. If you need to smoke or vape, take a break away from the table/booth. Most shifts are scheduled with a minimum of two volunteers so you can take breaks as needed.
    • Misconduct – including, but not limited to, drunkenness, consuming alcohol without proper ID, and harassment of event attendees, performing artists or other staff/volunteers – will result in permanent removal from the KUTX Volunteer Team. KUTX reserves the right to bar any volunteer from volunteering due to misconduct.
    • Be mindful of your behavior on social media during an event, as well. That includes both the KUTX Street Team account and your own personal accounts as they relate to your volunteer shift.
  • Fulfill your shift
    • Be on time! Give yourself time to find parking at crowded events, and arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your shift’s start time
    • Failure to show without giving proper notice will result in removal from all KUTX volunteer teams.
    • The third time you fail to show with notice of 48 hours or less, your account will be put on a 3-month hold.
  • Give at least 7 days’ notice when you need to cancel
    • KUTX uses Shiftboard to schedule volunteers. If you can’t work your shift, you can trade it with another volunteer using Shiftboard’s Tradeboard feature (which you’ll learn about in the next section.) You can also email the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator and ask to be removed from the shift. (Please do not remove yourself from a shift unless it’s within 30 minutes of claiming it.)
    • Please do not cancel or trade shifts within 48 hours of the event, unless it’s a valid emergency. (Many events require that we submit lists of names for Will Call; last-minute cancellations complicate this process greatly.)
    • Emergency cancellations (48 hours or less) should be done by phone only, by calling the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator. Their contact information can be found on Shiftboard and in your shift confirmation email.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is this Shiftboard business?” We’ll get to that next. But first, a quick quiz to see how much of this stuff you’re retaining. (Don’t worry, it won’t be graded!) The quiz will open in a new tab – once you’ve finished it and are feeling good about your results, come back here and head to the next section …

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