Music News 1.5.17

Head of Company Behind Coachella Revealed as Major Funder of anti-LGBTQ Groups and Others

In the same week as its 2017 line-up announcement, Coachella is in the news again, this time concerning billionaire Philip Anschutz, owner of the festival’s parent company AEG Live. News sources have revealed Anschutz as a major financial supporter of anti-LGBTQ organizations and groups denying climate change. As AEG’s owner, Anschutz has donated at least six figures since 2008 to anti-LGBTQ groups like Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, and the National Christian Foundation, as well as having close financial ties with oil and gas billionaires the Koch Brothers, pumping large amounts of financial resources into climate science denial groups. So what does this mean for Coachella? Will the festival be unscathed? Or will this new information result in major artist boycotts, causing the luminous “best in years” line-up begin to fade? Guess we’ll see. (FACT)



Dr. Bronner’s Spoken Word Philosophy Seeing Charitable Release

Famed soap maker Dr. Emanuel H. Bronner had more up his sleeve and on his mind than 18-in-1 uses. Dr. Bronner was a moral philosopher, literally using his products’ labels to promote his ideas and beliefs in the goodness and unity of humanity. Those philosophies and other ideas of altruism and goodwill are highlighted on a new compilation of spoken word readings being released this month digitally and on vinyl. The release marks the 20th anniversary of the soap maker’s death, and the posthumous album will be used to raise money for Jail Guitar Doors, a non-profit founded by MC5’s Wayne Kramer, that provides prison inmates with instruments and music education. You can get your copy of Dr. Bronner’s Sisters and Brothers on January 25th. (FACT)



-Taylor Wallace

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