Music News 2.24.2016

Your “whoa!” moment of the day is brought to you by Santigold. Her new app, appropriately called “Santigold App,” features her song “I Can’t Get Enough of Myself,” and you. Yes, you. The app accesses your phone’s camera to feature you all over the music video- in the reflection of her sunglasses, on her “B.F.F.” t-shirt, even next to her in the photobooth. The singer’s music video is a lighthearted critique of the prevalence of vanity in our society. While the listener-interactive experience of music videos isn’t all too new (you can still dance your way through Arcade Fire’s video for “Sprawl II”), but Santigold’s app has raised the stakes immensely. Be sure to share your souvenir screenshots of you not getting enough of yourself with Santigold and KUTX on Twitter and Instagram! Check out a couple from host and  Soundcheck writer Taylor Wallace below:



Jenny Lewis is taking her pantsuits from the dressing room to the board room. As of last month, the 40-year-old rock star behind Rilo Kiley and the Postal Service started Love’s Way records, a label that will focus on female songwriters. Lewis is still seeking talented ladies to sign to Love’s Way, but the label’s first official release dropped on January 29th with a 10th anniversary reissue of Rabbit Fur Coat, the album that established Lewis as a solo artist.


David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, is getting a visual incarnation. Before the album was released last month, Bowie pre-released the music, lyrics, and artwork to Instagram with the granted permission to turn their visual interpretations of the album’s songs into a miniseries without any limitations or preconditions on the late musician’s part. “UnBound: A Blackstar InstaMiniSeries,” premieres the first of sixteen episodes February 25th with new installments every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


-Taylor Wallace

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