Music News 6.6.16

Twitter Hackers Ravage Through Musician Accounts Throughout the Weekend

The Twitter accounts of musicians seems to be under fire recently, as nearly half a dozen A-list musicians have had their accounts hacked within the last couple of weeks. When Katy Perry’s account got hacked about a week ago, no one thought twice about it (hacking happens), but over the weekend, the accounts of Tame Impala, Bon Iver, Tenacious D, and Keith Richards were all hacked. The subject matter of the hacked tweets contained everything from bomb threats to leg cancer to death of Jack Black. No word if any of these hackings were related, but for the time being, verified celebrity Twitter accounts may actually not be the best place to get the latest on your favorite musicians.




Glastonbury Fest to add All-Female Venue This Year

Glastonbury Festival is adding a new feature this year- a female-only space. The venue, called The Sisterhood, is being called a “revolutionary clubhouse,” and will be fully-staffed by people who identify as female, everyone from security to the performers. At its core, the Sisterhood will be a safe and constructive place for all festival-goers who identify as female. Throughout the festival, The Sisterhood will hold performances; workshops on intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion; and even DIY power tools workshops.



Kick-off of the Hartman Foundation’s Summer Concert in the Park Series

Yesterday kicked-off the Hartman Foundation’s Concert in the Park series. Every Sunday through the end of August, the Long Center will host various sections and combinations of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, who will play a 90-minute show featuring woodwinds, brass, big band, or stings with a bill that will include everything from jazz to pop covers to film scores. The event is free and open to the public, and all who come are encouraged to bring blankets and picnic dinner.


-Taylor Wallace

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