My KUTX: Moving Panoramas

Artist of the Month

My KUTX: Moving Panoramas

Posted by on Mar 8, 2019

Moving Panoramas is the KUTX Artist of the Month for March. Catch Moving Panoramas at KUTX Live At The Four Seasons. Photo by Precious Parker/KUTX.

On “One,” Austin’s Moving Panoramas breakout 2015 song, Leslie Sisson sang about the power of solitude. But buried beneath the crystalline guitars and stacked harmonies was a devastating truth: “One is how we all came in / One is how we all will go / We all know one is the number we all fear the most.” Sisson has seen her share of devastating truths. As she wrote in a moving article in the Austin Chronicle, Moving Panoramas “began as an outlet for trauma and tragedy,” and it continues to be. Trauma and tragedy also sidelined the release of the band’s second album In Two, but it’s community and love that threads its way through the record.

Those are also the threads tying together Moving Panoramas’ My KUTX, guest DJed by Sisson, Cara Tillman, and Rosie Casto. Hear the episode on Saturday, March 9, 6 to 7 p.m. or anytime at the bottom of the page.

Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


[intro music: Moving Panoramas – “Baby Blues”]

1. Kate Bush – “Cloudbusting”

2. Stereolab – “French Disko”

3. Pretenders – “Middle Of The Road”

4. Richard & Linda Thompson – “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”

5. The Cure – “A Night Like This”

6. Dolly Parton – “Bargain Store”

7. Loretta Lynn – “Love L-O-V-E”

8. The Rated Exes – “Whiskey’s The Reason”

9. First Aid Kit – “My Silver Lining”

10. Nada Surf – “Blonde On Blonde”

11. Daniel Johnston – “True Love Will Find You In The End”

Moving Panoramas

Artist of the Month

Moving Panoramas

Posted by on Mar 1, 2019

photo by Shelley Hiam

After an extended detour playing with several bands in Brooklyn, Moving Panoramas chief songwriter Leslie Sisson decided to pack up her instruments and make the move back to her native Texas. Despite the drastic change in scenery, Sisson wasted no time in pulling together a trio and releasing the first Moving Panoramas LP in 2015. The album featured Sisson’s, distinctively sweet, shimmering vocals layered over delicately composed atmospheric dream pop. A seriously heady combination that put the album on several local and national ‘Best Of’ lists.  Not a bad way to celebrate your homecoming.

As life would have it, unexpected roadblocks arose during production of the sophomore album, with health hiccups and timing snafus causing a release detour. Fortunately, the finish line has been crossed and the new LP, In Two, recorded with One engineer Louie Lino at Resonate in Austin and mixed by Danny Reisch at Good Dannys in Lockhart, took flight February 2019 via Modern Outsider Records. Scroll down to listen to some of the new tracks and stay tuned all month for more from newest Artist of the Month.


My KUTX: Bayonne

Artist of the Month

My KUTX: Bayonne

Posted by on Feb 22, 2019

Bayonne is the KUTX Artist of the Month for February. Photo by Pu Ying Huang/KUTX.

Roger Sellers’ early records are fascinating experiments. At the time, the Austin musician was toying with both folk and ambient electronic music, making for collections of–as one album calls it–moments rather than big statements. But when Sellers got into looping and sequencers, look out. All of a sudden, his music went widescreen. Fast forward a few years, and now Sellers plays under the name Bayonne. Drastic Measures, his new album, takes that experimental streak and gives it more of a pop twist: the drums are bigger, the melodies hit harder, and Sellers’ voice is surrounded by a lusher sound.

This week on My KUTX, Sellers digs deep with a guest DJ set of influences, teenage memories, and sonic exploration. Hear My KUTX on Saturday, February 23 at 6 p.m. or anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. Wye Oak – “Before”

2. C Duncan – “Say”

3. Maps & Atlases – “Fall Apart”

4. Animal Collective – “What Would I Want? Sky”

5. Louis Cole – “Tunnels In The Air” (feat. Thundercat)

6. Air – “Universal Traveler”

7. Ben Folds Five – “Don’t Change Your Plans”

8. Pinback – “This Red Book”

9. The Flaming Lips – “In The Morning Of The Magicians”

10. Sufjan Stevens – “They Also Mourn Who Do Not Wear Black (For the Homeless in Muskegon)”

Bayonne: “Same”

Artist of the Month

Bayonne: “Same”

Posted by on Feb 15, 2019

If you frequented the local live music scene some years back, you probably remember seeing stickers that said, “Roger Sellers is NOT a DJ.” Fast forward to today, where we know that’s the understatement of a decade and where Sellers has made a new name for himself: Bayonne.

The sheer talent and keep-you-guessing nature behind this vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer extraordinaire made it easy to name Bayonne our February 2019 Artist of the Month, who also joined us in Studio 1A yesterday. While he was there Bayonne treated us to his latest album, Drastic Measures, a layer-heavy wall of sound and the strongest we’ve ever heard Sellers. The sold out release show for Drastic Measures is 8PM tonight at the Mohawk and in case you missed out on a ticket, you don’t need to miss out on Drastic Measures; here’s “Same”!

Jack Anderson


Artist of the Month


Posted by on Feb 1, 2019

Austin’s Bayonne (real name: Roger Sellers) has been largely dormant around town for the last few years, breadcrumbing us with a song here, a remix there, and, occasionally, a performance. But he hasn’t been sitting in a damp, dark bedroom somewhere, ensnared in the vines of synth cables and losing himself in a timeless vortex. Sellers has been on the road, peddling his brand of classic-pop-inspired electronic indie across the Western hemisphere and gaining impressive followings everywhere from New York and LA to London and Luxembourg. Following 2016’s Primitives is Drastic Measures, a study in layers, looping, layers, and looping, producing a sound as expansive as it is dense. True to form, Drastic Measures sounds as appropriate playing to crowds of thousands as it does playing in the background of your cool, older cousin’s dinner party. So what are you waiting for? Check out the video for “Drastic Measures” below and hop in the time machine for a look at Bayonne’s last performance in Studio 1A.


Bayonne Dates:
-Feb. 14: Live in Studio 1A at 3 PM with Laurie Gallardo
– Feb. 15: Drastic Measures album release show at Mohawk Indoors
– Feb. 22: Drastic Measures is out on Mom + Pop Records