Digital platforms

Thank you for checking out KUTX’s digital offerings.


Obviously you found Most of our site is optimized to be responsive in its presentation regardless of the platform you’re using. On a regular old computer or laptop you’ll see everything and have full functionality of embedded performance videos and song playback, plus downloads where available.

Our site also plays well on tablets whether in portrait or landscape mode. On a tablet the homepage sliders or scrollers are swipe-able widgets of content. Depending on your device and view, you may see these rows as widgets of two or three. They can be swiped from right to left and will bring you more content as you do so. You can also scroll vertically to see more content.

Most mobile devices (cell phones, iPods, the latest-and-greatest whatever-you-have thingamabobber) will display a responsive view that is stacked. Just click on any of the pictures and the content and text of that post will present.

Regardless of the platform, all have a listen button or icon at the top where you can stream KUTX 24/7/365.


We have both iOS and Android versions. The current KUTX-specific app for iPhones does include the playlist. An Android version with the current playlist is also available. Both apps stream our live broadcast using the AAC+ codec. They’re free apps thanks to our community support.


Speaking of streaming, here’s the lowdown. KUTX has three stream types: an MP3 stereo stream at 192kbps, an AAC+ stream at 48kbps (AAC+ is also known as HE-AACv2) and a variable bitrate HLS stream which offers up to a 256kpbs AAC stereo stream on fast connections to the internet. The higher bitrate stream tends to be used by desktop players, the lower bitrate by mobile devices.

These streams are available to you on our website and apps, on iTunes under Internet, on TuneIn’s platforms and on iHeartRadio’s platforms, as well as on your smart speaker. Lots of listeners have internet radios which will find our streams automagically. If you’re able to or inclined to program in your stream preference, here they are for KUTX FM:


And for KUTX HD2, an all Austin music playlist, affectionately known as AMX (the Austin Music eXperience):


In iTunes you will find KUTX under Music –> View–> Media Kind –> Internet Radio –> College/University.

In iHeart you will find KUTX under Public Radio.

In TuneIn search for KUTX.

You can find the direct URLs to all KUTX and KUT streams within the Links to All Our Stream Types section on our How To Listen page.

Thanks for listening to KUTX on whichever digital platform you prefer. Feel free to send along your suggestions or questions as well.